Help! What Should I Do?

You are in a crisis.  You need to make a decision, and fast.  The question pops into your mind from the WWJD bracelet you are wearing…what would Jesus do?  How will you know what Jesus would do when you don’t have time to go hunt for your Bible and research the issue?

When a crisis hits and you need to make a wise decision, you will need to already have God’s Word in your heart. Only then will you have a godly reservoir of information to pull from to make the right choice. Let’s call that reservoir your “vat” or your mind. You can’t pull any information out that you don’t put in. If you want to make wise, godly decisions, then you need to be filling your vat with wise, godly words and thoughts. We call that meditating on the Word of God, or memorizing scripture.

Many godly men and women from the past have said that the one thing that has helped them most in their lives was meditating and memorizing scripture. Dr. Henry Brandt states in his book, Heart of the Problem, “Even now, forty years later, I still consider Bible memorization the single most important aid in my Christian life and in my counseling.”

If you want to obey God’s guidelines in your life, then you need these guidelines in your head. Waiting until you are in a crisis is not the time to start memorizing scripture.

Start today by picking one scripture verse that has meaning to you. Write it out on a 3×5 card and carry it with you. Office supply stores have 50 3×5 cards spiral bound to keep your verses together. Look up words that you don’t understand. Discuss the verse with others. Read the verse out loud until you can say it from memory. Put it aside for a few days and see if you can still repeat it from memory. Review your cards regularly and you are on your way to having a vat that is filled with the wisdom you need to make godly decisions in a crisis!

“Blessed is the man… (whose) delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” (Psalm 1:1-2)


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