Help! What Should I Do?

You are in a crisis.  You need to make a decision, and fast.  The question pops into your mind from the WWJD bracelet you are wearing…what would Jesus do?  How will you know what Jesus would do when you don’t have time to go hunt for your Bible and research the issue?

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What Is Your Measuring Stick?

What Is Your Measuring StickWhat do you measure things against to guide your decisions about what is right and wrong?  Everyone has something that they use to help them decide if it is right to do something or not.  Politicians use popularity polls to direct their campaigns.  Actors and actresses are not considered marketable if their movies don’t do well at the box office.  When they are in a slump, the decision is made for them by the studio.  Corporations make decisions based on the upward or downward turn of the graph line on a Profit and Loss Report.  Many people go by popular opinion of their friends or the media.

All of these things can vary depending on who you talk to, or the place or time you are living.  Opinions vary.  Sometimes the same source will change its mind concerning a topic and give the opposite advice at a later time. What do you use to decide?

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