Behave Obediently

Behave ObedientlyAll too often our feelings or emotions can override the truth of a situation and cause us to make bad decisions.  When our lives are firmly rooted in our relationship with God and His Word, we view our feelings from a proper perspective and biblical choices become natural to us.

The articles below will help teach you how to behave obediently. (Note:  Each article will open in a new browser window. To return to this page after reading it, simply close the new window.)

Healthy Emotions

It’s remarkable how differently people respond to the same set of circumstances. Reactions involve your inner life. The management of your inner life is an issue of vital importance. Every day you will either reveal or conceal feelings, emotions, attitudes, intentions and thoughts stimulated by people and events. Either way, whether you reveal or conceal them, there they are, coming from within you. (read more)

The Fruit of Rebellion

Kay Ripley was an attractive woman, well poised, a good conversationalist. Yet she wanted to know why she was a social failure.

“I’m afraid to even go out anymore,” she confided. “I never know what faux pas I may commit next.” (read more)

Freedom in Christ

Peter’s parents had always been strict, but to obey them was his second nature. He knew that to step out of line would displease them and invite the wrath of God. So he tried hard to get all A’s in school and he never ran with a gang or took part in questionable pastimes.

But Peter, now 22, was far from being the happy fellow that folks supposed him to be. After a promising start as a tool designer, he lost his job and then two others after short trials. He renounced his church. He became involved in escapades that would have been public scandals had they been known. (read more)


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