Restoring Relationships

Do you have conflict in relationships?

Getting along with others is often difficult because we all have our own personal issues to deal with. Sometimes, we find we just can’t do what we really need to do.

The one factor in your life that will enable you to do what you need to do is to make sure your spiritual life is in good condition. If you neglect it, you’ll grow cold, and that will leave you feeling pretty empty inside. (read more)

Are you and your spouse not getting along?

The foundation upon which you build your marriage relationship is a mutually agreeable and mutually binding plan. That’s what makes marriage successful. It’s not a “tingle;” it’s a life-long commitment. It’s not competition; it’s cooperation. (read more)

Has someone hurt you deeply?

Are you someone who has suffered emotionally and perhaps physically at the hands of others? Have emotions such as anger, resentment, hate, hostility, bitterness and revenge entered your heart and mind? Have you become filled with an unforgiving spirit? (read more)

When Life Brings Surprises

Ken, at 40, was a happy man. He had worked hard all his life. His dad had never been able to hold a job, and so Ken delivered papers as a boy to help his mother.

Ken quit school in the tenth grade to work as a messenger boy in the office of a big factory. He was determined to do better than his dad and to provide properly for his family. (more…)

God’s Comfort

I remember getting together with Al and his wife at dinner one Saturday night. The next Saturday night, my wife and I were in a funeral home because Al’s wife was in a coffin. This was one of the first times that anybody truly close to us had died. (more…)