Find Inner Peace

Find Inner PeaceHow do you find inner peace? What is it that brings true happiness? If you’re ready to find the source of true peace, contemplate the principles outlined in the following articles and you’ll discover how to have the peacefulness you crave.

The Benefit of Acknowledging Sin

Has it been difficult for you to find inner peace? There is a reason why so many people are unhappy, why there is so much conflict between individuals. Isaiah pinpointed the trouble long ago: “We have turned, everyone, to his own way” (Isa. 53:6). (read more)

Discover Your True Self

To find inner peace you must first discover your true self. Discovery is often a fascinating, satisfying experience – but sometimes oh, so painful! The most effective starting point in discovering yourself is to engage in self-discovery. How do you discover yourself? (read more)

The Source of True Peace

Are you experiencing inner peace in your life? If so, what is the source of your peace?

We often work hard to attain things in this world – money, education, homes, vehicles, and the list goes on. Then once attained, we often ask ourselves, “Is this all there is?

We try to gain peace by losing ourselves in a book, working hard in the yard, exercising, watching a good movie, or even possibly by turning to alcohol or drugs to dull our inner frustration. But these things only lead to a false peace. A peace that doesn’t last.
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