Experiencing Life Change

Living God’s Way

Are you living life God’s way, or your own way? Do you know how God defines “successful living”? Are you letting God have His way in your life? God changes people from the inside out. It all begins with heart change that leads to personal transformation, which makes it possible to have healthy relationships. (read more)

Power for Life Change

Sometimes it’s a good idea to reflect on our behavior! Are we truly living the abundant life God has for us, or are we settling for less? One of the ways we can think about this is to ask ourselves, “Am I carnal or am I spiritual?” These are two biblical words with important implications. Knowing what these words mean, and understanding how they play out in our lives, can determine the difference between having effective human relations and poor human relations. (read more)

Transformation Through Spiritual Birth

How can you be born spiritually and begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? It is easy to stumble over the simplicity of what God offers us through His Son. You are born again or saved when you believe Jesus. He said that you have access to the peace of God through Him. The starting point is when you ask Him to invade your life…when you open the door and invite Him in. (read more)

Building Your Self-Respect

If your goal is to maintain good physical health, you pay attention to some important details:

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

You need knowledge about these areas, so you provide time and expend energy to inform yourself of what is involved. Your interest is to act according to your knowledge.

There may be days when you are tempted, or even choose, to consciously behave in ways contrary to your knowledge. Then you renew your commitment to your goal and start over again. (read more)