Marilyn and Charles had been having trouble for several years. The trouble was not fights or noisy arguments, but playing cat-and-mouse over Marilyn’s changing moods.

The couple would plan to go to a Sunday school class party or a family gathering, but Marilyn would beg off at the last minute. She just wasn’t up to socializing. Charles would feel sorry for her, change the evening’s plans and stay home. After several weeks of staying home, he would become blue. Then she would feel guilty for causing him to give up his social life and she would start going out. But he knew she was doing it just for him, so he would feel guilty and stay home more. It was a vicious circle, actually a battle of wills, his versus hers. [Read more…]

Seeking Man’s Approval

Seeking Mans ApprovalThe new high-school music teacher, fresh from college, was fair game for the harassment of his students. Fred Baker, 22, thought things would improve when he took over the music at church and assisted with the young people’s work. But he was wrong.

Embarrassing practical jokes, jibes at his youthfulness, and little grins that came to faces because he was the school’s first male music teacher—all this teasing kept up. Word got back to him some of the students and parents were saying he wouldn’t dare subject his piano-playing hands to a real man’s work. [Read more…]

When Life Brings Surprises

When Life Brings SurprisesKen, at 40, was a happy man. He had worked hard all his life. His dad had never been able to hold a job, and so Ken delivered papers as a boy to help his mother.

Ken quit school in the tenth grade to work as a messenger boy in the office of a big factory. He was determined to do better than his dad and to provide properly for his family. [Read more…]

Good Goals for Happiness

How can setting the right goals bring happiness?

Goals bring life into focus.
They give meaning and purpose to life.
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Experience Contentment

Do you realize the Bible holds the keys to happiness? Do you read your Bible, or does it just sit on a shelf? The Bible is a very important book, and it contains a lot of good, solid Biblical principles for living. If you pay attention to those principles you will be on the pathway to contentment.
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