The Slow Burn

“How do they expect me to manage this store right when I have such poor help?” Gil Black muttered, as he checked the canned corn and found every price mark only an ink smudge. He ought to tell that stock boy a thing or two! But he wouldn’t chew him out. Gil Black never brought anyone up short. [Read more…]

Patience in Managing

Patience in ManagingJohn Morgan was having trouble with the employees in his automobile repair garage. His mechanics would listen politely to an order, then not carry it through.

“Why, I bet I have to tell them three times before they fill out their repair tickets right or turn out a light they’re through using,” he raged.

Mr. Morgan had come to me from a sickbed. Every month or so he had to quit work. His stomach pained him; he was short of breath; he couldn’t eat. He would blow up at the garage and go home. [Read more…]

Leadership Communication

Leadership CommunicationLeadership and management involve making up your mind what you need people to do to accomplish organizational objectives. Explaining to them what their job is. Describing to them what constitutes satisfactory performance. Checking to see that the work is done. Recognizing quality work. Correcting poor work. Getting rid of the ones who don’t do their work. Sometimes those tasks can be difficult, but they are required of leaders.
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Managing People Effectively

Managing People EffectivelyAre you heading into a project and wondering how to manage it? It can be simple if you follow a few basic management principles. These principles involve scanning the horizon to find the right people, and taking the trouble to see to it that there’s training available for them. Then you must take a chance as they apply their minds to your business.
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Qualities of Mature Leaders

Qualities of Mature LeadersWhat’s the attraction that draws people into a church? Is it an old-fashioned service, planned around formal routine, or is it a modern service with elements of spontaneity? What makes the difference? I believe it is not the style of the service, but what the preacher has to say.
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